Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this cracked egg keychain represents how we felt about leaving our dear beloved friends in vancouver. (sniffle sniffle) oh how lovely it's been seeing so many of you!
katie and shane we're amazing (like always) and let us help ourselves to their shower, laundry, and fancy coffee machine! which we took full advantage of!
we spent alot of time walking around main street! that was super fun! and of course we had to stop at the best bubble tea place and get some! (two mango's!!!)

sunday morning chelsea and drue threw a delightful tea party! with the most delicious breakfast that i've had all trip! fruit salad, muffins, bananna bread, scones, and holy smokes... these incredable chocolate cheesecake cupcakes that joanna made. woweeee. we NEED that recipe. (or maybe it's better that we don't get it!)

sister love!

dinner that night was at kingyo izakaya!! a japanese restaurant downtown we've been dying to eat at for MONTHS!! we were lucky enough to go with the wonderful randy and shena!
first plate up was the beef tounge. (guess who ordered that?!) the hot rock on the side was for cooking it. i LOVED LOVED LOVED the spring rolls. not only we're they probably the best ones we've ever eaten but... they had the cutest little images stamped onto them! brilliant!!!! we had such a good time eating and talking and laughing.

our super good friends neil and laura are moving away into the kooteny's in a couple days... (which is the reason we came back to vancouver so fast!) we tryed to spend as much time as we could with them (soak up thier company before they leave us....) and bless thier hearts.. they let us... amongst the packing. and cleaning. and finishing up work. and moving arangements. and general stress! neko and hensly(neil and lauras fabulous dogs!) were terrific company and kept grant supplied with hords of kisses (which he greedily ate up!) WE MISS YOU ALREADY GUYS!!!!!

this is the food they eat. nothing like a raw turkey neck for dinner! lucky guys!

our dear talented friend jesse who works at the hive recording studio took time out of his busy work day to give grant his old fourtrack!!! seriously.. how nice is that?!!!TOTALLY made his day!!!! thanks jesse!

we'll now it's after midnight... and we're at momma and papps G's on the island of vancouver! the rain is pouring down, we've had a long day and it's time to shut our eyes.... (we'll at least our eyes seem to think so!)
we need our rest so that tomorrow we can enjoy every minute with these beautiful people!!! so good to be with family!

yay parents!
yay friends!
yay everything!!!!!

thank you life.
now please let me sleep well.
talk to you tomorrow.


ps. this dosa was SOO GOOOD!!!!

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