Tuesday, September 29, 2009

family matters.

we're still sleeping in "tall guy". still "on the road" so therefore our trip is NOT finished. which also means i can continue eating the way we have been for the last few weeks. more specifically.. i'm still gonna be eating yummy food (regardless of the fat content, calorie intake, or nutritional value) and love every bite of it! cuz once vacations over. then i really can't guiltlessly do this anymore. (oh late summer vantasy.... please don't ever end!!!!!)
today was no exception in scrumptious foodland. after picking strawberries and blackberries right out of momma and pappa G's garden... grant whipped up a delicious crumble that we gobbled up with vanilla ice cream!!! mmmmmmm (notice how i go straight to the sweet sugary goodness!?!)

i guess i'm getting too ahead of myself....

what was on the make for pretty much the entire day was beef bourguignon, mash potatoes and green onion and cheese soda bread.
much work was to be done and i made sure to supervise in between naps!

i did however partake in the post feeding cleanup. (i'm not entirely useless!!)

this whole day was lovely. it rained. it stopped. it sunned. it rained. it stopped. it sunned... and again...

throughout all the moody weather. our day stayed bright and sunny..... in love and sillyness!
goodbye to another perfect day. and hello to whats to come...

xo anna and grant.

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