Thursday, October 1, 2009

giddy up.

bet you can't guess what we had for breakfast today......

banana dog!

banana in a hot dog bun with peanut butter. nutella and honey!
bun was toasted up (of course) to provide a wonderful crispy texture.
it wasn't bad really. infact it was kinda good.

after that elegant breakfast we headed over to chesterman beach to relive our memories.

the beach was gorgeous. and the wickanninnish was irresistible as we found ourselves being drawn closer and closer to the actual building.... climbing the steps and walking into the point restaurant. i'm not sure exactly how that happened. but there were were. sitting in the same place where we where two years ago as newly weds. sipping on caffeinated beverages and sparkling water. it was beyond amazing!!!! i don't know how the staff manage to make you feel that special but they do.

after getting sufficiently hyper. (double americanos and lattes) we giddy'd around the place. hung out in the library and even got to look at one of the rooms. it was sort of like we stayed there in a little way. if the room that we had last time wasn't occupied they would have let us check it out....have a peak at what we wrote in their visitors book.
now that would be interesting....

we reluctantly left and slowly, very slowly headed back....

absorbing every bit of the beautiful beach. the beautiful view. and our beautiful memories.

our days here have been so fantastic.

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