Friday, October 2, 2009

the fort

oh thank you sun for coming out today and warming us up and making everything shiny and bright!
after a stroll on the sunny beach, a quick trip into ucuelet we popped in at the rainforest. no hike for us today as we we'ren't willing to put down the 16 dollars to walk in nature. i mean seriously. looking back i see that we probably should have done that. but at the time. we were appalled. plus we had breakfast on our mind.

so we stopped on in on mamma G's for some eats and showers. thank goodness for parents!!!
not only did she feed our bellies. but sent us off with a box full of preserves, freshly made butter tarts and these flowers from their garden... xo

now we've made it safely to my parents place (only a couple hours to home from here.) and lucky us... we got to go to the fort with them! the fort is a wonderful place where musicians and music lovers get together every friday night and play and sing their heart out. how awesome it was to be in there, surrounded by their amazing energy! it was really something (special!) even my brother was there!!!

we've come back to the house. made ourselves a delicious free range turkey dog slathered with melted cheese and fried onions. and ma and pa are still out there rocking the night away. it's an incredible thing. and they are incredible people.
and the urge i have right now to lay down and snuggle with grant is getting quite incredible too!!!


oh and these apples.... my mamma picked from the trees outside. YUM!

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